Traditional Tea Shop Moves with The Times-Lam Kie Yuen Tea

Traditional Tea Shop Moves with The Times

Lam Kie Yuen Tea Co Ltd has been established more than 65 years. Although we are not the oldest tea shop in Hong Kong, we still retain the traditions and tastes from the 50s, especially the tea refining techniques. Tea refining artisan is still using the formula created by our founder to maintain the original flavours of Lam Kie Yuen.


Our osmanthus oolong is made under the natural scenting process. The oolong leaves and flowers are left overnights to let the tea leaves absorb floral aroma naturally. The process is repeated until the osmanthus aroma has become part of the tea itself, just like the leaf’s own inherent flavours. After the scenting process, dried osmanthus in tea is for visual enjoyment only.


Many tea lovers nowadays enjoy seeing more osmanthus blended with the tea leaves. We understand the current trend and hope to provide a better experience to our customers. A fine-tuned formula for osmanthus oolong is introduced. However, we keep the natural scenting method even the cost is higher than the common blending method.


Lam Kie Yuen insists on following the mission from our founder, offering the best tea drinking experience to all our customers.


Osmanthus Oolong - Lam Kie Yuen Tea


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