To determining the quality of tea, we have to observe, smell, taste and touch.

  1. Observe the shape, color of the tea leaves and the color of the brew.
  2. Smell the tea before and after brew.
  3. Touch the tea leaves. Analysis how much water should be added.
  4. Taste the tea.



Shape, color, smell and taste are the four main elements of analyzing the quality of tea. We could base on these four elements to choose good tea.



Different variety of tea has its unique shape and characteristic. The requirement of shape would be different. For example Dragon well of green tea, it looks like a needle with straight and flat shape. Red tealeaves are tightly close to each other.



Every tea has its unique and special color, even for the same kind of tea, the color will also be different. For green tea, the brew color should be clear with green or yellow-green. For red tea, it should dark red in color. If there is golden circle around the tea, it would be the best red tea. For Oolong, the color should be light green.



The smell of good tea should have power to refresh your mind and breath. Good red tea has flower smell. The best green tea has orchid smell. If the smell is string and long lasting, the quality is good.



Tea is harmonizing reflection of bitter, sweet, raw, sour and spicy taste. Green tea should be fresh and pure. Red tea should taste strong. These are the special taste of each tea to examine tea quality. However, the tea that suits the drinker mostly should be based on your hobbies and favors.