【Chinese Lunar Calendar】Chushu — End of Heat

This year Chushu starts on August 23. This solar term indicates the change of temperature. It means the summer heat is fading away since this day.


Drink some warm and moderate Oolong tea is good for the body to adapt the temperature change. Tea also brings calmness to mind and body as well.


The below tea with medium roasting level is recommended 🙌🏽


Osmanthus Oolong

The osmanthus sweet scent is well balanced with the Oolong taste.

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Spring Tieguanyin


Light medium roasting of tea leaves keeps the original fresh Tieguanyin scent yet with a mild sweet and lingering aftertaste.

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Special Grade Tieguanyin


Medium heavy roasting enhances the aroma and delivers a thick and full body mellow flavor.

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