The Value of Traditional Tea Company

Some decade-old tea companies in Hong Kong are still preserving the traditional tea roasting technique and flavour. Lam Kie Yuen Tea Co is one of them. There are only a few of artisan tea-roasters remain in the city, mainly gather at Sheung Wan.



Our own in-house tea roasting master learned how to roast tea in 1980s. Controlling the time and temperature for the roasting with his experience. Roasting the tea turns the forest green tea leaves to dark brown, and transforming the floral fragrance to roasted nuts. Different roasting formula brings various tastes and flavours. You could find roasted green teas from different tea companies taste not the same!


Another expertise of tea master is the ability to create blended tea. Selecting the high-quality ones to become a signature product. It’s like perfume and whisky making, the tea master bring about the taste the customer expects and prefers.


We still insist to preserve the traditional flavours which represent the good-old time of Hong Kong. Hope the young generations would appreciate and keep supporting us!