Drinking tea does not only satisfy your appetizer and also your soul. It becomes one of an essential part for daily life. It is even treated as art of life too. There are lots of benefits of drinking tea. It does not only quench your thirst, refresh your mind and relax, there are medical experiments proved that tea has lots of health benefits. It can also reduce cholesterol, prevent high blood pressure and aid digestion. For ladies, it is good for skin, delaying aging and slimming. Nowadays, tea is used for favorable ingredient of cooking and dessert, like green tea cheesecake and puddings.


“Drink Tea, Preserve Health.” Both physical and mentally was benefited by tea greatly. It is a great relaxing and alkaline health drinks for our tense daily life. 70% of human body is liquid. PH7.4 is the normal alkalinity of human. Tea is one of the best drinks for retaining the alkalinity.