【Tea Cake】Lao Shu Yuan Cha (20th Anniversary Edition)

◐ Tea Cake Recommendation ◐


This piece of raw Pu Erh tea cake (Lao Shu Yuan Cha) is made in 2017.


Smooth texture and mild sweetness with a long-lasting dried floral aroma linger in mouth and throat. The cake is still undergoing aging process, the strong grassy flavour of raw tea is already gone, a bit of bitterness comes instead follows the long aftertaste. Lao Shu Yuan Cha from Menghai Tea Factory is popular among Pu Erh tea cake lovers.


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LKY Pu Erh Tea Cake (Lao Shu Yuan Cha)【20th Anniversary Edition】

With the success of our first official launch LKY Tea cake produced by Menghai Tea Factory in 1997s, we worked with Menghai Tea Factory again to produce this popular tea cake with selected spring tea leaves from Bulang Mountain in 2017s.


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